A simple way to cut down impulse buying at the grocery store

What if I told you there was a way to reduce your grocery bill’s, eat healthier, and save time at the grocery store? You wouldn’t believe me, would you?

I have 3 simple words for you: ‘Buy Grocery’s online’

OK, OK.. I know this sounds daunting. Is she seriously suggesting I spend all this time changing my habits, sitting in front of a computer and manually selecting my produce? … Yes! I promise that this method will improve your grocery shopping experience across the board.

Here are the reasons you should online shop for groceries:

1.       Once you create a shopping list this will always be saved for future use – It makes for easy re-ordering in future and you don’t constantly have to stay in budget or on plan – it’s all set after your first shop

2.       You are far less likely to impulse buy with online shopping. You always have to think about what you are looking for and select with caution.

3.       You have a running total for your cart – never be over budget again!

4.       You avoid that dreaded trip to the grocery store – that’s right. It is all delivered right to your doorstep between the hours of your choosing. Depending on which service you go with, delivery can be within the hour!

5.       Online Grocery Shopping requires you to pause and think about what you are selecting – (my favorite reason). You are more likely to choose the healthier options if you are scanning pages of food and produce as there are a few more mental steps to get those items in your cart. It’s much easier to look at those potato chips and say ‘not this time’ when they are on the screen vs. in front of your face at the store.

Pro-tip: the grocery store employees that gather up your orders are, in my experience, experts at selecting phenomenal produce. Forget the trick about popping the stem off of the avocado to see if it’s ripe. Those people know their produce!

It’s definitely worth trying out at least once – most of the online sites offer discounted services for your first order.


INSTACART: www.instacart.com

AMAZON FRESH: www.amazon.com/fresh


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