Find Your Fitness Tribe

It is challenging finding a balance in our busy lives and fitting in a consistent exercise + fitness routine.  Some weeks we get to squeeze in 3 or 4 times a week and some weeks nothing. I understand that everyone’s situation is unique, but there is one amazingly helpful life-hack that is proven to help increase your chances of creating that balanced fitness plan.

Find your TRIBE!
Here’s how:

Know who you are

Self-knowledge is super important.  What do you like? What bugs you? Knowing and identifying these things will help you to sharpen your ability to recognize environments that truly resonate with you. I have found the best way to do this is putting pen to paper and writing a list of what matters most to me in a fitness program, environment and community. Do I like music, dark rooms, equipment vs. no equipment, air conditioning, free water, cleanliness etc.. We all have our ‘deal breaker’ list of priorities.

Find people who match your vision and your values

The people or communities you find should feel like they are going in the same direction as you. They should have common interests and goals. Once you have your list, you can dive into your network of friends, family, co-workers, school pals or neighbors. Not everyone will fit the profile, but you will get a good feeling of who does and who doesn’t. Use this technique to navigate your fitness regime and studios. Try everything! Outdoor bootcamps, spin classes, yoga, Pilates, run clubs, Cross fit, row etc..

Find the right type of community

Finding the right people is just as important as finding the right establishment and program. There are so many gimmicky messages in the fitness industry. “We will help you lose weight” or to craft that “perfect physique”. These may be the qualities that some people look for, but overall fitness should be about creating a healthy and active lifestyle while making smart choices for your long-term health. Try out the trendy things but really look for something you can connect with and sustain.

Surround yourself with positive and motivating people. These people will help to influence your decisions and keep you motivated. These are the people that will say yes to working out with you over having a drink at the bar. It’s “meet me on the treadmill” over “meet me at the bar”!

Studies have shown that by finding your ‘TRIBE’ you are far less likely to drop your fitness regime. This can help you to achieve the short and long-term goals you set for yourself and have fun while doing it!
Remember, we are magnets – stay attracted to the people you most want to be like and the studios that bring out the best in you!

TIP: Create a group for accountability through Facebook or on email. Join Meetup groups online and look for social activities after hours or during the weekend.

Natalie Oboodiyat