STRIDE writes for MapMyRun: 5 Treadmill Myths

STRIDE feature on Map My Run blog

The folks at MapMyRun recently tracked down STRIDE’s Program Director, Leanne Pedante, for her help dispelling common treadmill myths.

The treadmill often gets a bad rap and quite unfairly. Not only is it a remarkable machine, but it also offers some major benefits when it comes to your training. “In some people’s minds, treadmills are still synonymous with the mind-numbing task of trudging through boring, monotonous, steady-state cardio,” admits Leanne Pedante, program director and head coach at STRIDE, a fitness studio in Pasadena, California. “However, the treadmill’s reputation has changed a lot in the past five years with the growing popularity of treadmills in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.”

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Leanne Pedante