Do I have to run the whole time? 

No! We do not expect (or want) someone to walk into STRIDE, step onto a treadmill, and run their heart out for 55 minutes straight. We use strategic interval training in our classes. This means that you will mix bouts of going fast (at a speed that makes sense for you) with bouts of active recovery (at a more relaxed speed that makes sense for you). Our classes are designed so that anyone can participate - walking or running - regardless of current ability. Our workouts are designed with strategic intervals of speed, incline and recovery to make you faster and stronger over time. You're in charge of how fast your treadmill goes. We have runners, walkers, and joggers in every class.

What do i need to bring with me?

Running shoes, water, and a great attitude. We provide gym towels and a tap for filtered water for those bringing their own bottles. We encourage everyone to bring or rent from STRIDE their own heart rate monitoring device to track their progress and run data, but this is optional. On your first visit, we'll lend you a heart rate monitor. We will also rent and sell them in the shop if you get hooked (and we think you will). 

Don't worry about valuables - we have secure lockers available at no charge. 

We sell SmartWater, headbands, tanks and tees in our studio, so if you forget something, we've got you covered. 

What is this whole "heart rate monitoring" thing? 

We believe in training with a purpose (although we run for fun, too!). STRIDE has partnered with Polar, an industry leader in real time heart rate monitoring to assist in collecting and tracking data while you run. We encourage you to wear a Polar chest strap or wrist band to read your heart rate as you train. You can bring your own, or rent or purchase one at STRIDE. If you choose to wear a heart rate monitor during your workout, you'll see your data live on-screen during your run. This is a valuable tool to keep you safe, track progress and help you set goals. After completing your workout, you can access your workout stats online or on your own Polar app.

New to heart rate monitoring? Our coaches will help you learn how to use your data to improve results in every session. Getting familiar with your heart rate and viewing it while you work out will help you optimize your effort, while also prevent over-training. If it's your first time using a monitor, come in 15 minutes early to get a tutorial from our trained staff. 

Do you have showers? 

Our studio is equipped with 2 individual showers. We provide bath towels, shower gel, hair dryer, shampoo and conditioner. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Pretty standard, like most fitness studios. Kindly inform us within 8 hours of your scheduled class. For members using one of our Unlimited Classes series, there will be a $15 fee for no-show or late cancel (less than 8 hours notice). If you have purchased a Class Pack, a no-show or late cancellation will result in losing a class credit.

We only have 24 treadmills and we want to give others access if you can't make it!


What is the late arrival policy? 


Please arrive 15 minutes early if you have never taken a class, so you can get acquainted with the studio.

If you are running late to class, please call us at 626-737-8588 so that we can hold your spot. If you have not arrived by class start time, your spot may be given to a waiting member. If you have not called, we will assume you're a no-show and give your spot to someone who's waiting.


There is a shared, free parking lot in front of the studio. If that is full, there is typically plenty of metered street parking available on both Granite Drive and Lake Avenue. 


Absolutely! We’d love to provide your favorite people with an amazing, fun and healthy experience. We have group rates and can personalize the class to your wishes. Call or email us to set this up. 


Do you offer a student discount?


Heck yeah! We love to see young people developing great habits, and we know money can be tight while attending school. Full-time students with a valid school ID can purchase our student classes at $15 per class. Student rates are only sold in-studio and require seeing a current (non-expired) student ID. Call or email us with any questions.

Is there a minimum age to attend Stride?


We love having people of all ages at STRIDE! For safety reasons, children 10- 12 may only attend The STRIDE classes, while under the supervision of a parent. Children 13+ must have a parent waiver signed at time of class attendance, no exceptions.