5 Mindful Eating Tips from Nutrition Coach Rachel Bocchino

We asked nutrition consultant and personal trainer Rachel Bocchino to share some of her favorite tips for mindful and healthful eating. Rachel is a health and fitness professional based out of Los Angeles, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. This spring, she has partnered with STRIDE as our nutrition consultant as part of our Stride Into Summer 10-Week Transformation Challenge. She is a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a graduate of CNI Personal Training College, and holds certifications through National Academy of Sports Medicine in both Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition along both MADD dog and Schwinn Cycling certifications.

Enjoy these mindful eating tips from Rachel:

As you probably already know, nutrition is one of the most challenging parts of achieving good results. As a certified health coach, I always tell my clients, “There is no one-size-fits-all approach.” We all have different bodies, different lives, and different goals. So while certain foods and diets might be your medicine, it could be someone else’s poison. Most traditional diets are short term and make you feel like you’re depriving yourself. Once you have fallen off from the diet, then what usually happens? We usually gain the weight back and then yoyo to another diet.  I know we are all human and cake feels so good for the soul, but there is another way to help you stay on track. Mindful eating works better for the long term, and is more sustainable and enjoyable.. This is why I choose mindful eating over “diets.” We can practice mindful habits to get better with the choices we make over time, which will help you build a better relationship with food!


I love to use MyFitnessPal because I can journal my food. It helps me to be more honest and aware about what I am eating. If I am logging my food, I tend to be more aware of my portions. I also notice small unhealthy habits that could end up adding up through the day, causing me to be eating way more than I should. OR I sometimes I notice that I am under-eating, causing me to be malnourished, which would also cause my body to store excess fat. The body wants to hold on to calories it may not get through food.


Did you know that so many things can happen to our bodies when we are dehydrated!? One of the biggest things that can happen is our bodies are mistaking thirst for hunger! Focus on how much water your drinking daily. If you are working out, your body will need a bit more water. When I am hungry I will drink some water first and see if my hunger goes away. If I still feel hungry about 15 minutes later, then it  is time to eat your next meal or snack!


I love chips! ANY CHIPS!  When I choose to eat them, I will portion them out and put them in a bowl. Once they are gone they are gone. When I eat out of the bag, I have no clue how many I am actually having until the bag is empty. Same goes for ice cream, I suggest having the ice cream in a cone or a bowl. Don’t eat it out of the carton. We tend to overeat, leading to an upset stomach!


When we know we will be attending a special event, most of us will go into the event knowing we are going to have a treat and overdo it . I have done that before and I know I am not alone! Try to indulge in a “treat” when you are a little more satiated so that it is easier to be in control of how much you end up having. Test it out next time and see how it helps.


Make most of your meals as nourishing as possible. Choose foods that are going to provide your body support. We are all busy and we need good nutrients.  Eat more fruits and vegies through the day and your body will be happier!  Your mood will change and you will have more energy. Best of all, you will crave junk less!

So there you have it, 5 tips to mindful eating. Be patient with it, practice it, and eventually it will be a habit. Our bodies deserve to feel really good!


Leanne Pedante