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10k Training Plan for Beginners

For many, the 10k is the perfect race - long enough to provide a challenge, but short enough to be attainable for beginning runners. If you’re on the fence about signing up for your first 10k, consider this: finishing times for the average recreational runner range between 50 - 70 minutes to finish this 6.2-mile race. That’s just a little longer than a STRIDE Signature Sweat class! You’ve got this.

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So, you want to run your BEST 5k EVER?

Despite its relatively short distance (3.12 miles) the 5k race presents a unique challenge for runners of any level. For beginners, it’s a great first-race to attempt, or a great race to try to complete without a walking break. For advanced runners, its short distance means a chance to test your speed more than in longer events.

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