There is no such thing as "too slow" to run

We are lucky to be part of many different people's journeys here at STRIDE. On a regular basis, we witness people achieve and surpass goals they never thought possible. But most who come through these doors don't walk in with the confident certainty that they're ready to crush a marathon goal. Many who come through these doors walk in with an assumption that they're "not a runner" or that they "can kind of run, but really slow."

We get to teach and show these people that not only can they run, but they are "RUNNERS", regardless of their speed yesterday, today or tomorrow. That's why we love this piece from Shape magazine called, "An Open Letter to Runners Who Think They're 'Too Slow'"

"Maybe you don't feel comfortable showing off your pace. Is there a way to Photoshop your mile time out of your picture? But there's no reason to worry about whether you're notching Olympian-level splits, and I'm going to tell you why..."