Walk& Burn Class

STRIDE’s group workouts are designed for every age, speed and ability. Our Walk & Burn class is a calorie-torching, strength-building HIIT workout designed especially for speed-walkers.

In this 60-minute class, you’ll alternate between treadmill cardio intervals of power-walking and strength-training. Participants choose their own speed and incline, so the treadmill portions of the workout can be made as challenging as you want.

A STRIDE coach will guide you through a mix or cardio intervals on the treadmill and strength intervals off the treadmill using weights. Hill-walking provides amazing cardiovascular benefits and muscle-toning. The strength component helps to build strong bones, increase lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

Because you’re in charge of your own incline and speed, you decide how challenging it gets. No matter what your current fitness level is, this class has something to offer.

Thursdays at 4:15pm with Coach Aubrey